Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sassy's Tips For H1N1 Prevention At School

The swine flu is one of the worst flus you can get -- and at school, it's really easy to get it. But who wants to carry around Purell (hand sanitizer) all day?! Not me... it can get bulky, and it'll probably explode in my tight jeans - if I can fit it in. So here I am to help the student get through the day germ free!

What is the H1N1 and why is it so dangerous?
Basically, it's this new flu that began in the USA on April of 2009. It came mostly from people who visited Mexico for April break. It's very contagious, and since it's new, very hard to prevent. Recently, there have been swine flu doses to protect you against it -- but there's nowhere near enough for everyone yet. So if you haven't got your dose yet (like me), which is a mist they spray up your nose, you can be at risk.

How do I know I've got it?
There are some symptoms. The thing is, it's so similar to the seasonal flu that it can be hard to tell if you have H1N1. So if you have some of these symptoms, don't be scared -- it doesn't necessarily mean you have it.
If you have any of these, there's a chance you have it:
  • Bone/Muscle/Head aches
  • Fever of over 100 degrees F
  • Cough
  • Sore Throat
  • Chills
  • Possibly diarrhea and vomiting

Then what can I do to prevent it?
Well duh -- wash your hands! Sounds simple enough, right? Totally. It's just that, at school, we may not have access to the bathrooms every five minutes. Thats why I've made these tips.

  1. Wash your hands when you wake up in the morning. If you wear makeup, don't share it with anyone. If you get that "slightly sick" feeling in the morning, do not use makeup, especially lip products (gloss, chapstick, lipstick). We don't want to infect our expensive makeup!
  2. Don't touch your face during school, especially your eyes, nose, and mouth. This is the most common way to get sick.
  3. If you are sitting next to a sneezing friend or you have to work on a project with someone coughing every five seconds, try to avoid touching them and their stuff and quickly wash your hands after.
  4. When buying lunch, wash your hands after touching any money. The H1N1 germs stay on money for three days until they go away on their own. The best thing you can do is a bring a lunch to school, and pack a mini hand sanitizer bottle in the lunch. If you can't bring a lunch, keep some sanitizer in your pencil case or binder, or excuse yourself to the bathroom to wash up before eating. (Have your BFF watch your lunch)!
  5. Doorknobs and handles are infested with germs. Seriously, use common sense. Don't pick your nose or suck your thumb after openning a door. Don't even touch your face.
  6. Try to eat as little as possible at school. Don't randomly snack on chips or pretzels during science class. Eat breakfast at home, have a good lunch at school, and snack after school, where you can wash your hands in the privacy of your own home. :)
  7. Remember -- using hand sanitizer is nowhere near as effective as washing your hands, so if you can, don't hesitate to wash your hands instead.

This has been Sassy, your favorite school blogger here to give you the facts that you need to know. Don't get sick! :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Scary Story

You all know I like my stories short and to the point. I hate pointless long novels like Twilight where it takes like, 12 pages to describe what Bella's wearing or something. Well, I was on Quizilla
and I was browsing some stories to read to improve my writing skills and I came across this one:

I usually don't like scary stories, but this one was pretty interesting, and I think it was written by my cousin (the username's familiar). Anyways, I hope you guys check it out, and post a comment telling me what you think. PS: Should I write a story?
Yours till the bumble bee's,

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Bad School Experience of Mine

Hey everyone! In my chat box, "Cat," asked me to describe a not-so-good school experience that I had. So lets see...

Once, I was at a school dance a couple of years ago, and I was slow dancing with a guy. Well, he was a lot taller. I was wearing a T-Shirt, and I didn't notice that my armpits were sweating like crazy! It was awful.
So everyone who looked at up could see my giant sweat spots while we were dancing. When I realized, I quickly ran to the bathroom and shoved paper towels under my pits. It was so embarrassing!
At least he didn't notice...

Or did he?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Just An Update

My apologies to everyone.

My chat box was flooded with messages I haven't checked in a while, and I'm so sorry for the two week absence. School is really tough for me this year, especially with me starting high school and all.
So, wanna hear about my first day? Even if you don't, here's my story anyway!

I walked into class, with my hair straightened and makeup done. I finally got my schedule, and looked forever to find my homeroom. I asked all my friends if they were in my homeroom, but they all shook their heads no.
Dismayed, I finally asked my BFF what homeroom she was in, and was saddened to realize it was on a completely different floor. But then, when she saw what homeroom I was in, she quickly told me, "Oh, Cathy's in your homeroom, too, I think!" Well, what a relief. Cathy and me were good friends, and she was one of the few that didn't hate me at this point.
My armpits were getting a bit sweaty, despite my overload of antiperspirant/deodorant. Ugh, and all over my new oxford (hey, it was cute!). I took a seat at the same table a lot of my friends from middle school were in. None of these people I would consider close friends that go to each other's houses, but close enough to easily talk to every now and then. Thank god!
Everyone was all smile-y, yet you could clearly see that almost all of the kids in the classroom were nervous behind those smiles. And, I knew, that I was probably the most shaky of them all. I have awful navigation, I still get lost finding my classes...
I made my way through all my classes, though, and lived to tell the tale. It was obvious the upperclassman made sure we knew we were not welcome, but besides that they were all nice. (And every sophmore I asked gave me correct directions).
My biggest high/middle school tip? When in doubt, go to the main office. They can just print you a new schedule, tell you where to be, and give you directions. The people there are usually pretty nice. But, the people in the guidance office's are even nicer if you ask me! :)

I hope you all had fabulous first days, and I'd love to hear about them (so leave me a comment!). Was yours awful or great? And what grade are you beginning?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Five Days Left!

I'm so excited, because there are only five days left until the big day - the first day! I've been busy and frantic all day. I am so not organized.
I still need to get:
  • A backpack! (AH!)
  • All my school supplies
  • Contact Lenses
  • Back-To-School Shopping
  • My first day outfit
  • New makeup
  • A new straightener
  • New razors
Whew! That's a lot.
Pray for me! :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Got This E-Mail

Hey everyone!
Let me start off by saying I hope your summer is fabulous-a and that you're enjoying the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately, I'll be spending mine at the dentist (...Yay). Please don't ask why. I'd rather not talk about. All I can say is it's definitely going to be painful. Ew.
Enough about my lame problems and my huge ongoing fear of the dentist. Have a great summer!
So anyway, I got this email a week ago, and it was asking me a question (I don't know who it was from). I'm going to try to quote as much as I can because I'm too lazy to dig through my e-mail trash. Snoozer!

Dear Sassy,
I just wanted to know if you go on YouTube. Because I do, and I'm hoping you can subscribe to me. I'm trying to get more popular. My username is BabyCake[Something I can't really remember!]. Whos your favorite person on YouTube?

Yeah, I know that was kind of random and dumb, but whatever. Since I'm bored I'll just answer anyway. Yes I have a YouTube, but I'm not telling anyone my username. My favorite YouTube person? I'd probably have to say that at the moment (it always changes) my fave would probably have to be "Juicystar07". Her makeup/hair tutorials are very helpful and interesting to watch.

So yeah. 
See you guys later,

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Love Meez!

Hi everyone.

Lately, I've been going on
A lot.

No, seriously. I'm addicted for sure! I may even start a "Meez Help" blog or something like that. You guys should try it. It's really fun. This is me on meez:

Aren't I a cutie? If you see me around, add me. [If you dare!]. Love you guys! ;)

***PS: I should be posting my list of things I did over the summer. I'll scan my list and you can see it. (I'll also talk about why it's useful)!

Yours for-eva,